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Client Testimonials

“I initially met Craig several years ago when I was involved in a very contested custody case in Santa Barbara County. Craig was working for the other side but immediately I was impressed by his professionalism, technical and creative abilities, intelligence and insight, impartiality, and great sense of humor. Since that time, we have worked together both inside and outside the courtroom on many cases and I have never been disappointed by his work. He is our go to videographer and I would recommend his services without hesitation to anyone.”

their explanation Lisa Helfend Meyer
Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers LLP

McCoy v CalTrans
$18,094,432 net jury verdict

“Once again Craig Bates prepared power point and key demonstrative exhibits to assist us in obtaining a just result for a young man who really needed it. In particular, Craig duplicated an accurate full scale model of a defective guardrail that illustrated the dangerous condition that led to plaintiff’s injuries. There is no question that Craig’s professional assistance played a major role in the success of our case.”

visit homepage John H. Howard
Lowthorp Richards McMillan Miller & Templeman, APC

“My firm has relied upon Craig Bates and his company, Telegenics, for a number of years.  The use of video depositions is now crucial.  I firmly recommend the use of video of video depositions in general, and Telegenics, specifically.  The company has become an important part of our trial presentation technology.”

William M. Slaughter
Slaughter, Reagan & Cole, LLP

I was pleased to have Telegenics as an integral part of my trial team. The jury responded well to the creative graphics used.

Mark Hiepler
Law Offices of Hiepler and Hiepler

Telegenics proved to be an essential part of my success in a recent elder abuse trial…Not only did Telegenics take high quality video but they also synched the video…one word describes the effect of cross examination with good video – DEVASTATING!

Christopher T. Nettesheim
Nettesheim & Nettesheim

I first started doing business with Craig and his company in 1995. Since then, I have always referred and trusted Craig to take great care with my clients and their videography needs. What I appreciate most about Craig’s services is that he has always kept up with emerging technology and has grown from simply video recording a deposition, to creating an integral visual for a trial.

I am constantly approached by other Audio/Visual companies and I always tell them, “We only use Craig at Telegenics.”
When Craig asked me if I could share a testimonial for his company, it was an easy decision to support someone that my clients claim has always a delivered a great job. I am also grateful that I have been able to confidently refer Craig as another local business, which has helped my local business, Ventura County Reporting Service, maintain its trustworthiness as well.

Grace G. Mabalot
Ventura County Reporting Service

In a particularly small courtroom, with a no-nonsense judge, Craig showed up with his presentation gear ready and on time. His mastery of the technology was a welcome exception to the rule that tech often slows and delays trial due to glitches.

Craig was hired by the defense, but was no partisan. He was a solid professional, his only goal was the extremely smooth presentation of whatever the lawyers wanted. His attitude was refreshing to say the least.

After that trial finished, about two years went by and we ended up needing another tech person for trial in the same courtroom, with the same judge.

We immediately contacted Craig, to see if he was available. He was, and we immediately booked him. Opposing counsel readily agreed to use him, as his pedigree is impeccable. He harbors no bias, towards or against either side. He is simply a professional, there to do his job, and do it well at all times.

This time, we relied heavily on Craig’s expertise in selecting video excerpts and portions of dozens of depositions, as well as PowerPoint slides for our opening, during evidence, and for closing. We even had to interrupt trial, fly out of state, and take a deposition. On the road, late at night, Craig was cutting video clips and making it happen for us all ready to go for the very next morning.

I know of no other tech who is so skilled, dedicated, or professional.

Upon the close of trial, even the judge remarked at how efficient and skilled Craig was, noting that trial proceeded without a glitch, including with all the technology, Elmo, PowerPoint, video depositions, excerpts, and all of it.

In short, I enthusiastically recommend Craig and his company. He is the very best.

Brian G. Hannemann, Esq.
Hannemann Law Firm, A Professional Corporation

Telegenics videographers and drone pilots deliver professional service across a variety of assignments. In depositions, they smoothly create an audio video record of testimony while promoting orderliness in the deposition room. If I need a video clip for use at trial, the video is synced with the transcript so my word search finds the winning clip in time to display it at the critical moment in trial.

Telegenics created our law firm’s website marketing video. Use of the drone to fly over our professional team and soar up our glass buildings produced an engaging visual for our website. Our clients’ first introduction to our firm is this compelling visual that brings clients into our firm with confident expectations.

Telegenics is easily the most responsive vendor we have. Emails are answered by the company’s principal, Craig Bates, almost immediately. I frequently receive return phone calls from Craig when he is traveling back from LA Court, having assisted in trials. Customer service is unparalleled.

Kathleen J. Smith
Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P.

I have enjoyed working with Craig and his business, Telegenics, for many years. Most recently he provided drone photos on short notice that wonderfully illustrated our disputed issues. I can always count on prompt, professional, and innovative support. He understands our needs.

Michael Case
Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP

I began working with Craig Bates and his company Telegenics in 2011 when I needed urgent help properly syncing video deposition testimony while in trial. My firm had worked with him for several years before then, but I had not. Craig and his team stepped up on very short notice and handled everything perfectly, correcting issues with video taken by another company. I now hire Craig on every case since for video services for depositions, preparing video excerpts for cross-examination at trial, and for other video and animation needs during trial. I know that Craig will get the work done quickly and correctly the first time and every time. There is no better value for video services in California. He is our go-to guy and always a true professional.

Lawrence J. Conlan
Cappello & Noël LLP