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investigate this site Equipment Rental & Installation

visit the site Let us efficiently and professionally take care of setting up the gear necessary to project your winning evidence to the jurors and let you focus on the case at hand.

We have…


• Hi-Lumen HDMI Video projectors
• Hi-definition HDMI flat panel monitors up to 75″
• 4K Elmo and Samsung Document Cameras
and projector screens up to 8 foot.


Amplified Speakers to play crisp sounding voice during deposition clip playback and or audio recordings that may be part of your evidence.


We also provide all the necessary wiring to allow you to hook up your own laptops and or Ipads.

Leave the stresses of hauling all this heavy equipment into court and let us arrange with courtroom staff to get your presentation material ready for trial.

I know what it takes to ensure your trial can start and run smoothly. The last thing you want to do is carry even more items into court than you already do with your evidence binders and more.

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