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basics Strategy & Planning

This Site Telegenics extensive experience encompasses pre-trial strategy and planning, assisting attorneys in creating, and presenting the visual assets that provide a decisive advantage.

• Multi-Million Business Litigation Cases
• Works with Plaintiff or Defense
• Catastrophic Death and Personal Injury Cases
• High-Stakes Family Law Matters
• Intellectual Property Rights Cases
• Employment Law Cases (Wrongful Termination and Sexual Harassment)

Telegenic’s expertise from pre-trial strategy and planning which includes becoming aware of all the visual and sometimes audible assets that are part of any given case, to being in Trial mediation and or arbitration settings to roll out the materials generated as work product gathered and created during this phase.

Telegenic’s team works closely with attorney’s team to create visuals that may include accident reconstruction; 3D animations; site visit; photography; aerial imagery either shot on location with drones and/or a combination of google earth. In addition to working with attorneys and their clients, the team also collaborates with experts who specialize in accident reconstruction, human factors, civil land surveyors and even meteorologists. Craig is well versed in interpreting police reports and has also personally served as an expert witness.

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